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Aliez.tv API

Our project allows you to receive data about your channels trough this API.
In order to use this feature you need a unique API key that can be obtained here http://aliez.tv/devkey/.

How does the API work

Requests to the API are made through HTTP and the GET method. Responses are sent using JSON.

Request overview:


getChannelInfo – getting information about the channel

You can transfer as parameter either the numeric id (id), or its short name (titleshort), that is displayed as URL on the channel page.

Response contains:
cid – numeric id
title – full title
titleshort – short title
status – status (online or offline)
viewers – number of viewers (refreshed once per minute)
bitrate – bitrate in kilobits per second

Request example:

Response example:
{"cid":"17", "title":"Live Streaming Channe l1", "titleshort":"livestreamingchannel1", 
"status":"online", "viewers":"2342" "bitrate":"548"}

Error codes

method – an invalid or not supported method was entered
options – not all required parameters were entered
nodata – there is no data for the requested objects (you may have entered an invalid id)
key – incorrect API key
internal – internal system error
unknown – unknown error

Response example:

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